• Great end of term with our celebration assembly, well done to Bylands for winning the House Team Point Challenge this year. 1 week ago
  • Great 3 days with Y6, fantastic to see so many parents last night at our last transition evening. We're really looking forward to September. 2 weeks ago
  • Well done to Y8 on the Beach Study at Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum @VisitCIMM.The staff there praised your enthusiasm and hard work. 4 weeks ago
  • Brilliant Summer Concert - so many talented musicians.Y9 music options -we will miss you. Special thanks to @AlistairGriffin for joining us. 1 month ago

11-16 Consultation Outcome

In their meeting on 2 July 2015, the governors of Eskdale School unanimously decided to change the age range of the school to 11-16 with effect from September 2016. The governors considered all the responses to their consultation and made their decision having carefully considered the range of views.

The Local Authority’s strategic view of secondary education in Whitby

The governors are aware that the authority’s long-stated strategic view is that the town would be best served by a single 11-19 school, ideally on one site, but if necessary utilising more than one site. They are also aware that the only attempt the local authority has made to find funding for one school on one site has been through government funding for schools in poor condition and, as we anticipated, the condition of the school estate across the town did not meet the very strict criteria for this funding. There has been no suggestion from the local authority that they wish to bring forward any other proposal to address this issue and so this leaves secondary education on three sites across the town. We do not accept that federating with Caedmon College will automatically drive up standards and from our recent meeting with the Caedmon College governors and headteacher it seems that if we joined them in a federation they would require the closure of the Eskdale site as the way to achieve cost savings.

The governors are mindful of the tremendous support for the school and we intend for it to become an outstanding 11-16 school. We look forward to working with our parents and the community to achieve that goal.

Eskdale School Governing Body

Wimbledon 2015

The sun is shining at Wimbledon today, Eskdale students are all ready for our first match on number 1 court.

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Teesside STEM event 2015


On the 17 of June we took three Year 9s students and nine Year 8s students to participate in the Teesside Science and Technology Challenge Day that took place at Teesside University.

The event is designed for young people who are interested in learning more about science and technology. There are more than 40 Challenge Days that will be taking place across the country, with the overall winning team from each event progressing to a Challenge Final at the beginning of next year.

Throughout the day the students had the opportunity to undertake three practical applied science and technology-related challenges.  These will include robotics, vehicle building, E-FIT [using police facial recognition software] and construction

Throughout the day the emphasis was on team-work, with young people being asked to work in a mixed school team of four, with two students from another school.

The day will started at 9.30am in at the University finished at 3pm. It was a full day and the students had to work hard but all found it a very enjoyable experience.

The overall winners of the day were the team that demonstrated that they could work well as a team, plan effectively and produce an effective solution to the problems set.

Out of the 28 teams that took part on the day the winning team included 2 of our students Katy Hansell and Emma Cornforth, both girls will with their partners from the other school go to the finals at the start of next year.

Well done to all those who took part and did our school proud.

Dear Parents, 

The Governors of Eskdale School have followed the Department of Education (DFE)  Guidelines for changing the age range to 11-16. Since January 2014 the Government has given the power to change the age range by two years to school governing bodies.

 Eskdale Governors  believe that all the DFE requirements have been met. The last part of this process is the consultation we are undertaking now. The Governing Body will meet after the closing date and reflect on the information we have received. The Governors will always make decisions in the best interests of the pupils. 

It is important for all parties to fill in the consultation form which is at the top of this page and return to school before the 26th June 2015

The Governing Body, not the local authority, is the decision maker and there is no appeal process against the decision that is made. The article in the Whitby Gazette does reflect some but not all of the local authority’s views and comments. 

Sue Verrill

Chair of Governors 

Film and TV Director, Bill Eagles, visits school

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As part of our careers programme, film and television director, Bill Eagles came into school last Friday. He is best known for directing the 2000 film Beautiful Creatures and as a television director,  his current programmes include CSI, Gotham and The Mentalist.

As well as touring the school and talking to students in music, drama and technology; he gave a fascinating presentation to year 8 students about how his career developed, as well as how a scene is filmed and the range of opportunities in the film and TV industry. He also answered questions including who is the most famous actor he has worked with, which is his favourite scene and what dangerous stunts has he directed​ and finished up signing autographs for students and staff!!

After his visit he sent Mrs Sawer a lovely email about how brilliant and talented the students, that he met, were!! He was particularly impressed with the performing arts lessons and told her that he was ‘blown away by the pupil’s talent in the music area’. As a result he wants to work with school on the making of a short film.

So watch this space!

NHS- Universal Healthy Child Service

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Tour de Foss- An Eskdale School Project

Tour de Foss update
Inspired by the Tour de Yorkshire, Eskdale School students and the DT Department has created its very own Tour de Foss challenge at Falling Foss Tea Garden.
The aim was to create a fun way to visualise how much power could be generated by the action of peddling a bike. The model demonstrates how peddle power can be used to pump water from the beck which then runs through a series of troughs before turning a water wheel – loads of fun for kids and adults too!

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